Announcement Concerning Student Leaders from Mr. Pardee

Dear Members of the Foothill Band Family,

We are very much looking forward to the 2017-2018 school year and all of the learning and performing opportunities we have planned.

A great deal of our success (or failure) is determined by the quality of the student leadership within our program. The Foothill Band Staff places a great deal of responsibility on our student leaders and holds them to a high standard. Foothill Band Student Leaders are expected to possess outstanding citizenship, musicianship, and leadership qualities. We take great care and time when selecting our student leaders and we expect that the Foothill community will support the decisions made by the Foothill Band Staff.

It has been a pleasure working with the Student Leader candidates and observing them over the course of the past year(s). We expect that all of the candidates will continue on as vital members of the program and grow as young adults.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Pardee directly at


2017-2018 Foothill Band Student Leaders


Alberto Angelo SL
Allen Belle SL
Baldwin Kyle SL
Baxstrom Lillian SL
Beasley Ari SL
Bouchard Jillian SL
Buckley Jacob SL
Cain Nathan DRUM MAJOR
Cervantes Sabrina SL
Chiello Thomas (TJ) SL
Coluccio Gavin SL
Contact James (JP) SL
DeGutes Hanna SL
Dinwiddie Morgan SL
Erazo Daniel SL
Euteneier Kati SL
Gonzales Jacob SL
Grimmer Jane SL
Gutierrez Jasmine SL
Hayashi David SL
Heldt Madeline SL
Imbrogno Sara SL
Johnson Reese SL
Labrador Xavier SL
Lane Dylan SL
Leake Lauren DRUM MAJOR
Mauss Cortney SL
McArthur Maddie SL
Mecham Austin SL
Meeks Justin SL
Norris Tanner SL
Patterson Isaiah SL
Pendleton Daniel (DJ) SL
Rhodes Shea SL
Spiger Ella SL
Stone Adam SL
Tatum Mikayla SL
Teasley Christian DRUM MAJOR
Thatcher Kyle SL
Thatcher Tess SL
Todd Amber SL
Topham Will SL
Topham Sam SL
Tungpalan Dominique SL
Vanek Luke SL
Williams Zach DRUM MAJOR
Yamada Mason DRUM MAJOR



  • 9th Jun, 2017