Dear parents and students,

As we look toward next year, we all have many questions that are still unanswered. It is important that we are open and honest about what school will look like.  Will we start on time? Will we have new social distancing rules in place?  Will everything be normal? Unfortunately, we have no concrete answers. 

The Foothill Bands have a long legacy of excellence, and that is one constant that we know will be held firmly in place. We promise that all communication will be transparent and fully vetted before it is put out to all of you.  Our goal is to dispel rumors, and enter this new adventure with open minds and ready hearts. At this time we can not assure you what the program will look like in regards to any of our activities, but we do know that our students will be learning and making music with a high level of rigor and personal investment. Our staff is working tirelessly to make sure that every student has ample opportunities to work on their craft.  

When we all return to what will be our new normal, we promise to provide all stake-holders in the Foothill Band Family with every opportunity to participate fully in the programs of which we are so proud. 

This virus has taken a toll on all of us in so many ways.  We are aware that many will have a difficult time recovering financially and we are in the process of making adjustments to next year’s planned schedule to save as much money as possible. Again, our goal is to be realistic and transparent. When we know, you will know as well.

We are very excited to look to next year with the hopes of a normal start to the school year.  We also know that we cannot tell the future.  Thank you for your support of the Foothill Band Program! 

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