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Prospective Students2024-05-02T17:22:27-07:00

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is there a prerequisite to be in the Foothill bands or color guard?2024-05-02T13:57:34-07:00

No. However, it is preferred that band students have at least one year of middle school band.

When does the band and color guard meet?2024-05-02T14:26:21-07:00

Band meets 1st period (7:00am). Color guard meets 6th period (12:15pm). Students that choose to participate in marching band have additional rehearsals from 5:30PM-8:30PM on Tuesday evenings while drum line and color guard typically have an additional evening rehearsal (TBA).

Can I be involved in sports and band?2024-05-02T13:57:56-07:00

Of course! We have had every sport represented in the band…including football.

Can I be on the cheer team or dance team as well as band?2024-05-02T13:58:42-07:00

Yes. We have band members that are on cheer teams and dance teams.

Is it true that there is a P.E. waiver for being in band?2024-05-02T13:59:52-07:00

Yes! It is Nevada policy that students take 2 years of P.E. However, marching band and color guard students are only required to take 1 year. Summer and online options are available as well.

Does it cost money to be in the band?2024-05-02T14:00:32-07:00

Yes. There are fees and expenses for music, uniforms, staff, and travel. There is a $40 class fee and students are required to purchase black concert apparel. The marching band fee this year was $600 which included all music, drill, and travel. We have individual accounts for each student for their fundraising efforts. Many students pay most of their fees through fundraising.

Is it true that I can receive 2 credits per semester for being in the band?2024-05-02T14:09:17-07:00

Yes! Most students participate in 1st period band as well as marching band or percussion ensemble (7th period Tuesday evenings).

Can I participate in jazz band as a 9th grader?2024-05-02T14:10:07-07:00

Yes! We have 2 jazz bands that both meet during 2nd period (8:00AM). There are no auditions for jazz band and we accept any instruments. It is recommended that students take health and/or PE in the summer (at Foothill or online) to free up room for more electives.

Is it true that the marching band begins 2 or 3 weeks before school starts in August?2024-05-02T14:28:01-07:00

Yes. It is necessary to get a head start on the competitive season for all sports and band. Color guard, percussion, and student leaders start on July 22, 2024, and the rest of the band reports on July 29, 2024. (See the calendar)

How often does the band travel?2024-05-02T14:13:37-07:00

It depends on the year. Recently, the drum line and color guard performed in California and Arizona and the drum line competed in the WGI World Championships in Ohio. The marching band traveled to Flagstaff and Reno, and the concert bands participated in the Disney Soundtrack Studios in Anaheim, California. 

We have also traveled to Utah, Washington, New York, Washington D.C, Ireland, England, and France. In December of 2024, the band and color guard traveled to Hawaii to represent Nevada in the Pearl Harbor Memorial Celebrations.

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